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A person holding a seedling plant about to be planted into a flower bed with two more sitting next to it on the right.


We’re all wishing for another winter of good rains! While you wait, get your garden ready for the cooler months ahead by sowing our list of winter vegetables, feeding your lawn, pruning plants and treating common garden pests.

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Plant & Sow


  • Feed azaleas, camellias and tea bushes with a handful of 3:1:5 fertiliser per bush. Mulch with compost and keep well watered.
  • Use a handful of 2:3:2 per square metre to feed your lawn before rainfall.
  • Feed spring-flowering bulbs with bulb food and keep the soil moist at all times.
  • Indoor plants like calceolarias, cinerarias, cyclamen, daffodils, hyacinths, poinsettias and primulas should be fed every two weeks with a liquid fertiliser. Water every three days or when the soil feels dry.
  • Discontinue feeding pot plants. Water less frequently, but don’t let the plants become dry.


  • Thin out citrus trees as well as other evergreen fruit trees.
  • Tidy up summer- and autumn-flowering shrubs, including barleria, hydrangea, lavender,  plumbago, ribbon bush and wild dagga.
  • To maintain the size and shape of conifers, prune them lightly.
  • Climbers like canary creeper, clematis, golden shower tree and wisteria also benefit from pruning in autumn.


Keep pests at bay

  • Treat conifers with Koinor (chemical-based) or Bioneem (organic-based) to tackle aphid infestations.
  • Spray roses, pelargoniums and geraniums with a fungicide like copper soap (organic-based) or Orius (chemical-based) to prevent rust, mildew and black spots. Make sure to spray under the leaves, too.
  • Try organic snail bait like Ferramol or surround precious seedlings with crushed eggshells, sawdust or coffee grounds to curb snails.

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