Winter tips for your lawn


DIY and how-to

Small green blades of grass growing through a layer of frost.

Winter tips for your Lawn

If you’re struggling to get your lawn well established, winter is the ideal time to give it some extra care. The cooler temperatures and frequent rain provide perfect growing conditions.

Here’s what else you can do to help it along :

  • Avoid walking on your lawn in very wet weather. Wet grass is easily damaged and may leave ugly bare patches when summer arrives. Consider laying paving stones in areas of your lawn that become very soggy and waterlogged, especially if they are high traffic areas.
  • Buy a few bags of compost and store them in your garage. Wait until just before a few days of heavy rain are predicted and then cover your entire lawn with the compost. The winter rains will help it soak in well and your lawn will respond with glorious growth in spring.
  • Tackle winter grass in your lawn with an application of Kerb. Winter grass may look green and lush now, but when summer arrives it will die off, leaving you with bare patches in your lawn.
  • Mow less frequently. Buffalo lawns become dormant in winter, so they won’t require any mowing at all. Kikuyu should be mowed once every two weeks.
  • If certain areas of your lawn become very boggy and waterlogged, try piercing the soil in those areas with a garden fork. The holes should improve the drainage of the soil, especially if you have clay soil in your garden.

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