Join the Stodels Gardening Club

Join the Stodels Gardening Club
If you love gardening as much as you say you do, then listen up: you need to join the Stodels Garden Club to benefit from big savings and insider info every month!

Just a few of the perks of being a club card member:

It’s FREE to join, with no monthly fees either. PLUS you automatically get:
  • exclusive monthly discounts on select products/plants
  • a FREE gift with your next purchase once a month
  • a R25 birthday gift voucher
  • 5% Cash Back on selected purchases
  • early notice of who our special guest speaker is every month
  • exclusive monthly specials at Stodels Café
  • a FREE subscription to our monthly newsletter, packed with useful gardening tips and information

How to join

Simply fill in the form to join the Club, then pick up your card at your closest branch – we can’t wait to welcome you! Please note that all information is required in order for you to send your Garden Club application successfully.