Clematis: The climbing beauty


Trees, hedges and borders

Clematis is a beautiful climbing plant. If you have pillars or arches in your garden, then a clematis shrub planted in a container below will prove to be a very rewarding investment. Alternatively, let them climb up the branches of established trees. Clematis blooms prolifically in spring and will bloom sporadically again in summer and autumn. It is available in a wide range of colours, from white, pink and purple to shades of blue and burgundy. One of its most attractive features is its neat and compact growth habit, which means that it never takes over or grows out of control.

Here are some growing tips to ensure that you get the most out of your clematis:

  • Plant your clematis in a position where its foliage will receive plenty of sunlight, but where the roots of the plant are predominantly shaded. Clematis roots need to be kept moist and cool at all times.
  • Before planting, add a cup of agricultural lime and a handful of bone meal to the soil. Mix in well. Well-rotted compost will also improve the drainage of the soil.
  • Plant clematis 5-6 cm deeper than it was planted in the nursery packaging. Deep planting allows the plant to form basal shoots from the crown of the plant.
  • Place 4 bamboo stakes in an even square perimeter around the plant. Tie them together at the top to form a teepee-like shape. Your growing clematis will use this frame to start its climbing mission to ever greater heights.
  • Remember to keep clematis well-watered at all times.

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