Grow your own Peas

5th November 2008

Grow your own Peas

Standard peas can be tricky to grow, but the new varieties, like mange tout and sugar snap peas are far more agreeable. They’re a fast growing crop, and your first peas will be ready for harvesting in as little as 11 weeks after sowing.

Planting tips :

  • Sow peas in full sun 5cm apart, in rows 60cm apart. Dwarf varieties can also be sown in pots.
  • Peas like slightly alkaline soil. Prepare the soil beforehand by adding compost, all-round fertiliser (2:3:2) and a handful of lime.
  • Water sparingly initially to prevent seed rot, but regularly once the plants are bigger.
  • Pick peas regularly, before the shells become hard. Peas have a short harvesting period – 15 days, so make successive plantings for a steady supply.

Did you know? – Peas are at their best right after you’ve picked them. After they are picked, the sweetness turns to starch and they gradually lose their flavour. Mange tout should be picked when the pods are about 7.5cm long.