Delightful dianthus


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Bright pink dianthus flowers with frilly petals growing in a garden.

Delightful Dianthus

Dianthus is truly a flower for all seasons – it can be sowed in spring, summer and autumn and flowers as soon as 12 weeks after sowing. These hardy annuals used to be referred to as “pinks”, due to the “pinked” edge of the flowers (which have a similar outline to that created by pinking scissors).

The name may also have referred to the fact that dianthus were initially available only in various shades of pink, but since then the colour range has expanded to include white, yellow and red.

Dianthus grow to a height of about 15cm and form clusters of delicate flowers with five petals each, which can be either single or double. Its compact growth habit makes it perfect for edges and containers.


Growing Tips :

  • Sow dianthus is a sunny position in well composted soil (if the soil is acidic, treat it with agricultural lime).
  • Dianthus is a fairly hardy plant, so it can also be sowed in rockeries.
  • Plant seedlings 15cm apart and add a generous layer of mulch to the soil.
  • Dianthus will thrive if you feed them once every two weeks with a well balanced fertilizer.

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