Perfectly pretty primulas


Indoor plant tips

Perfectly Pretty Primulas

Primulas are excellent indoor potted plants for winter or spring blooms. They are commonly known as English primrose or common primrose and are the ideal way to add a bit of brightness and cheer to any living area.

They are available in a variety of bright colours in single and double blooms. They are inexpensive, easy to grow and long flowering. The flowers grow in tight bunches and are ideal for any potted container.

Primulas needs plenty of light, but not direct sunlight and moderate to cool temperatures. Water regularly, as the plant prefers soil that is consistently moist, but not soggy. Primulas can be fertilised with a liquid fertiliser during growth and flowering season. Primroses are sturdy plants that seldom have any insect or disease problems, but it is always advisable to look out for them.

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