Grows up to 2-3 f tall and wide (60.90 cm).
Performs best in well-drained soils in full sun.
Drought tolerant, it requires little to no supplemental water once established.
Good for beds and borders, city gardens, coastal gardens, cottage gardens, Mediterranean gardens, rock gardens, containers.
No serious pest or disease issues.
Deer resistant.
Prune lightly to promote bushy growth or to shape into a hedge.
Propagate by seed sown into gritty compost in spring, or take softwood cuttings in spring.
Native to South Africa. It has a wide distribution in the Western and Eastern Cape, and in Namaqualand.

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Perfect for the dry garden, Eriocephalus africanus (Wild Rosemary) is an aromatic, evergreen shrub with arching branches clothed with needle-like, gray-green leaves. The fragrant, lightly felted foliage gives the plant a lovely silvery appearance. Blooming from winter to summer, a profusion of small, purple-eyed, white flowers cover the foliage. On warm days, many bees are attracted to the flowers, seeking their nectar. The flowers are followed by attractive, fluffy, white seedheads that resemble cotton wool or snow. Native to South Africa, Cape Snow is an excellent shrub for the water-wise garden. It is also a well-known medicinal plant and has traditionally been used for many ailments including coughs and colds, flatulence and colic.