Agathosma glabrata is slow growing and reaches a height of 0.5 to 1 m; it is an attractive, single-stemmed shrub with a round and dense habit and is bright and colourful when in flower. Masses of mauve, purple, white or pink flowers are borne in terminal clusters consisting of about 12-20 individual flowers. The flowering season starts in late winter until midsummer.

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The bright mauve to purple flowers of Agathosma glabrata, commonly known as Lemon buchu, are an eye-catcher in any garden. Buchus are identified by the presence of small, round oil glands present on the leaves and fruit. Crushing the leaves of this buchu releases a sweet lemon scent. Buchus are easily identified in the veld when brushing against a bush and smelling the sweet to pungent aroma.