Create a winter wellness indoor sanctuary


Indoor plant tips

More time indoors during the winter season is a chance to slow down, decompress, and maybe even kick into a bit of a mid-year mental reset. 

Make it something to look forward to by drawing on the senses and creating an inviting winter wellness space you could catch yourself daydreaming about. Here’s how…

Botanical bliss

If spending less time in your outdoor garden is giving you the blues, adding to your indoor garden is an ideal way to not only create a wellness sanctuary, but allows you to get a little of your gardening fix.

Well-chosen indoor potted plants purify the air, and add a touch of vitality to any space. Our faves are potted plants like peace lilies (it’s in the name!), spider plants or snake plants, known for their ability to thrive in indoor environments. Add these to a quiet corner of your living room or bedroom at varying levels, carefully positioned to create your own winter wellness haven.

Have vertical space you’d like to fill? Include creeper faves like pothos and ivy on floating shelves to add an extra calming botanical element to your space.

These resilient green beauties will keep your spirits high even on the dreariest of winter days.

Herbal and happening

By now you know that herbs like lavender, chamomile, rosemary and mint have a positive effect on mental wellbeing, so definitely deserve a spot on your winter wellness wishlist.

Keeping a small rosemary or mint pot plant on your kitchen sill means you’ll have a constant supply of these herbs to add a subtle, calming aroma to your home. Besides these classics, gathering a few flowers from your chamomile plant for a home-made brew means you’ll always have a go-to remedy for insomnia, if this is something that plagues you.

Lavender is better suited to being grown in a larger pot, but don’t let that stop you from snipping a few sprigs to make the most of their flowers’ and leaves’ calming powers. To really embrace them, create your own linen spray to spritz on a cushion case or bed spread using distilled water, rubbing alcohol, lavender essential oil and fresh or dried lavender.

Breathe in relaxation

Nothing sets the mood for winter wellness quite like the subtle flicker of candlelight. 

And with the range of scented Yankee Candles to choose from at Stodels, the toughest decision you face is which intoxicatingly beautiful aroma you want to be enveloped in next! 

A mental escape from the winter gloom to a palm-fringed beach? Coconut Splash ticks the box.
Something a bit more cosy – think Christmas in July? Put Cinnamon Stick on your shopping list.

Create a cosy ambience in your indoor sanctuary by strategically placing candles around your space. Not only will they add a touch of warmth to your home, but they’ll also soothe your senses, making those long winter nights more bearable.

(Vitamin) C for citrus

Herbs aren’t the only plant from your kitchen garden that play a key role in your winter wellness. 

If you’re already brewing tea with mint or chamomile, up your immunity (and add a delicious flavour dimension) with lemon. It’s the season for it!

For an added boost of vitamin C and freshness, squeeze a hint of lemon along with some honey into your tea. Not only will lemon juice invigorate your senses, it’ll also boost your immune system, keeping those winter sniffles at bay. 

To prolong the citrussy infusion, add a slice or two of lemon to your cuppa.

Ready. Set. Chill.

Scented candles? Check.
Calm-inducing plants and herbs? Check.
Fresh lemons plucked from your garden? Check.

All that’s left to do is press play on your favourite Zen tracks, light those candles and recharge your mental and physical batteries…

Your local Stodels Garden Centre has practically all you need to pull together an inviting indoor winter wellness sanctuary that can have you unwinding for hours. 

Western Cape customers, you don’t even need to leave the warm comfort of your home to get your essentials; shop indoor plants, herbs and candles online. 

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