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We’re so excited to introduce our very own seed range.  With a variety of options, you can sow them all, and watch them grow!

Some seeds may be subject to availability depending on season and supplier stock availability.

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Alyssum Carpet of Snow, Aster Colour Carpet, Bean Contender, Bean Lazy Housewife, Bean Wintergreen, Beet Crimson Globe, Celosia Cristata Dwarf Mix, Celosia Plumosa Tall Mixed, Dimorphotheca African Daisy Mix, Herbs Basil, Herbs Catnip, Herbs Chamomile, Herbs Chives (HEM), Herbs Dill, Herbs Fennel, Herbs Lavender, Herbs Lemon Basil, Herbs Lemon Grass, Herbs Oregano, Herbs Parsley Moss Curled, Herbs Parsley Plain, Herbs Rosemary, Herbs Thyme (HEM), Herbs Wild Rocket, Impatiens F2 Safari Mix, Lettuce Great Lakes, Marigold Boy O Boy, Marigold Lemon Drop, Mesembryanthenum Livingstone Daisy Mix, Onion Texas Grano, Pansy Dream Giants (No Blotch), Petunia Bedding Finest Mix, Portulaca Grandiflora Double Flowered Mix, Radish Easter Egg Blend II, Radish Icicle, Garden Rocket, Sweetpeas E/M Mixed, Sweetpeas Knee-Hi Dwarf Mix, Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant, Tomato Bite Size, Tomato Floradade, Tomato Rodade, Verbena Showtime Mix