Marvellous mint


Kitchen gardening

A pair of scissors cutting a sprig of fresh mint leaves on a white plate.

Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow, making it the perfect choice for those wishing to start a herb garden in a hassle-free way. An added perk is that it is a perennial herb, so it will continue to reward you for many years to come. It is available in a wide range of cultivars ranging from spearmint to chocolate mint!

Growing tips :

  • Plant mint in a large open space (it tends to take over your garden, and will invade the space of other plants if planted too close to them) or in a container. Ideally, it should be planted in a partially shady spot, but it grows well in virtually any position and any type of soil.
  • Space mint plants about 30cm apart and keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. Once the plants are well established they won’t require much watering.
  • Harvest leaves by pinching them off as you need them. Remember to also pinch off bare stems to encourage fuller growth.
  • At the end of the growing season, prune your mint plant vigorously and surround it with a generous layer of mulch.

Uses :

  • Mint leaves can be used to make a wonderfully refreshing tea. Combine fresh mint leaves with ginger root and allow to steep in boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Mint leaves can be used in potpourri, as well as in homemade beauty products like bath soaks and facial masks.
  • Fresh leaves can also be dried and stored in airtight containers for future use.