Step-by-step guide to growing your own baby mar...


Kitchen gardening

Yellow and green baby marrows in a wicker basket.


Zucchinis (also known as courgettes or baby marrows) are very rewarding plants to grow as the seed germinates easily and the vegetables are ready to be eaten as soon as nine weeks after planting. The plants are also very attractive, producing an abundance of yellow flowers which are also edible. 


  • Sow zucchini seeds in full sun in well-composted soil. Make sure you choose an area of the garden where there is good air circulation to allow the leaves of the plants to dry properly. Soggy leaves are prone to developing fungal diseases. 
  • Sow seeds 7cm deep (with two seeds in each hole) and 50cm apart, in rows 1m apart. 
  • Keep the soil moist, but don’t water heavily until the first shoots appear above the ground. 
  • The plants have shallow root systems so they will need lots of water once they start growing. Always water at the base of the plant.  
  • Feed your zucchinis once a month with 3:1:5. 
  • If zucchinis are left on the stem, they can grow up to 50cm in length. However, the longer they are left to grow, the fewer vegetables a single plant will produce. For a regular harvest, pick the marrows when they are about the length of your finger. 

Did you know? Zucchinis are rich in B vitamins and fibre as well as vitamins A, C and K.