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Every herb garden should have a basil plant or two. Traditionally an annual herb, basil is now also available in... Read More


Garden inspiration: Hein’s explosion of colour

When Hein Scholtz moved into his Boston, Belville home three years ago, there wasn’t much in the way of a garden.... Read More


Container gardening 101: 4 tips to get you started

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Garden inspiration: Franschhoek family retreat

In the picturesque town of Franschhoek, landscape designer Josephine Noyce and her family transformed a neglected plot... Read More

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Good Garden Companions

Some people just bring out the best in others – they’re great companions to have around. It’s a fairly similar... Read More

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Herbs do wonders for your pets

For centuries humans have been aware of the many health benefits of herbs. But did you know that some medicinal plants... Read More

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It’s “Easy Peasy” to grow your own veggies at home

Growing your own vegetables and herbs ticks all the right boxes in terms of health, eco awareness and education. But... Read More