Good Garden Companions


DIY and how-to

Labelled seed packets are scattered on a dark grey surface, surrounded by potted green plants, herb clippings, and a pair of secateurs.

Some people just bring out the best in others – they’re great companions to have around. It’s a fairly similar situation in your garden. Certain plants bring out the best in others and help them to grow to their full potential. 

Go for the following plant combinations and you’re all set for gardening success:

  • If you’re planting cabbage or other brassica vegetables, add dill or rosemary to the same garden bed and your veg will flourish.
  • Sage and rosemary make great garden companions, while thyme helps to keep your vegetable garden healthy by warding off common garden pests
  • If you’re planting leeks, cauliflower or beans, throw in a celery seedling or two. This soup and salad superhero will help the other vegetables to grow better.
  • Almost all vegetables fare better when a lavender bush is planted close by.
  • Plant marigold in close proximity to tomatoes, brinjal and sweet chillies. These easy-to-grow plants help to keep soil diseases in check and act as a natural bug repellent. 
  • Roses fare better when chives are planted close by. Try the same trick for apple trees.
  • Nasturtiums are not only pretty and whimsical, they also help to protect broccoli and cabbage from aphids.
  • Tomatoes favour growing close to parsley.
  • Mint thwarts aphids on nearby vegetables and other plants, while peppermint gives the flavour and quality of cabbage a boost.
  • Plant nettles to boost the growth of tomatoes and increase the aroma of origanum, sage and peppermint.

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