Garden tips for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, love is in the air – also for South Africa’s gardeners. Why not transcend the clichés of candlelit restaurant dinners and venture into your beautiful,…

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Great ideas for gardening in pots

Great ideas for Gardening in Pots Planting in pots or containers is an easy way to make a big change to your garden in a short space of time. Ready…

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3 steps for water wise gardening

Step One: Get water to your plants Use water wisely by getting the water directly to the plants, where they need it.  Watering cans are perfect for this as you…

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Gardening resolutions

Often we make resolutions that are too difficult to stick to. So this year, why not commit to these simple gardening resolutions? They're all about creating new, good habits and…

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Gardening in shady spots

Feeling frustrated because nothing will grow in the shadier parts of your garden? Don’t despair… many plants actually thrive in shady spots, even those that receive no direct sunlight at…

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Your water-wise gardening guide

Water is a scarce resource, and South Africa is one of the 30 driest countries in the world. As we navigate the growing effects of climate change and more frequent…

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Gardening tools for green fingers

Whether you’re an old hand in the garden or about to embark on a new gardening venture, green fingers are only half the battle won. No volume of gardening brilliance…

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Scent-sational gardening

Scent-sational Gardening

One of the best aspects of gardening is that it stimulates all of our senses, and one of the most powerful ways it does this is through fragrant plants. Plants have pleasant scents in order to attract the pollinators necessary for their survival, such as bees and butterflies. Most flowering plants release their scent during the day when the light and temperatures are at their highest. They do this in order to attract daytime pollinators like butterflies. Other flowering plants, such as evening primrose and brugmansia, release their scent at night time, as they are pollinated by insects which are active at night.

Leaf-scented plants, such as rosemary, lavender, thyme and basil release their scent when their leaves are touched or crushed. They are best planted along pathways, or as a groundcover between paving stones to experience their aromas to the full.


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Gardening idea for kids

Gardening idea for kids

Teach your kids to make an eggshell succulent garden one weekend after a hearty breakfast of boiled eggs. It’s affordable, fun and something they can appreciate for years to come.

You will need :

  • Empty egg shells
  • Small cacti or succulents  (4cm or 8 cm)
  • Cacti / succulent soil

Pierce a small hole at the bottom of each egg shell to allow for drainage. Fill the shells with cacti soil mix and then carefully plant the succulents in the shells.


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Gardening in shady spots

Gardening in Shady Spots

There’s no reason for shady areas of your garden to look dark and bare. Many plants grow well in shady spots – even those which receive no direct sunlight at all.

Here’s your guide to what to plant where :

Full or deep shade receives no direct sunlight at all. The choice of plants for these areas depends on whether the soil is wet or dry. Moist shady areas are a good spot for hen and chickens, maiden hair fern, elephant’s ear and many plectranthus species. Dry shady areas provide a good home for periwinkle (vinca major), fairy crassula (aptly known as the skaduplakkie in Afrikans), Canarian Ivy, the indigenous paint brush plant (haemanthus albiflos) and clivia miniata, which occur naturally in the shade of tall trees in our local forests. (more…)

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Tips for gardening at the coast

Tips for Gardening at the Coast

For many people, December means it’s time to head for the beach house.

Here are some great tips to help you create a hassle-free garden close to the seaside.

  • The secret to successful coastal gardening is to work with the environment, not against it. Make your garden easy to maintain by planting species that grow naturally in the area and that are well adjusted to salty air and harsh winds.
  • Try planting indigenous species like osteospermums, arctotis, gazanias, agapanthus, tecomas and vygies. (more…)

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