Gardening resolutions


DIY and how-to

A close-up view of a succulent terrarium featuring lush green plants.

Often we make resolutions that are too difficult to stick to. So this year, why not commit to these simple gardening resolutions?

They’re all about creating new, good habits and enjoying your garden to the full. Ready?

Here we go!

  1. Share your garden produce (fruits, veggies, flowers, cuttings, etc.) and discoveries with your neighbours. Chances are good that what grows well in your garden will grow well in theirs (and vice versa).
  2. Save water by watering in the early morning or late evening and mulch garden beds of plants that need frequent watering, such as roses and fuchsias.
  3. Find and prepare a place for a new plant before you buy it.
  4. Add more indigenous plants.
  5. Pick flowers from your garden often and fill your home with arrangements from your own garden.
  6. Involve your children in the garden. Allow them to plant their own veggie seedlings or flowers.
  7. Learn a few of the botanical (Latin) names of plants in your garden.

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