A practical guide to irrigation for beginners


DIY and how-to

Lawn sprinkler spraying water across a lush green lawn on a sunny day.

A good irrigation system is the key to a thriving garden in South Africa. After all, we live in a dry region of the world and need to use our water wisely. 

In this guide, we explore the nuances of gardening in a dry climate, the concept of waterwise gardens, different irrigation systems, and the supplies you need to reduce water wastage. 

Gardening in a dry climate

South Africa is one of the 30 driest countries in the world, and so adapting your gardening approach to suit the dry climate is crucial. 

Consider waterwise plants – plant species designed to conserve water and withstand lower moisture levels. These resilient varieties form the backbone of gardens that can weather the challenges of a drier environment. Our garden centres stock an extensive range of water-wise plants that require less water to thrive.

However, creating a waterwise garden involves more than just selecting the right plants. It’s also about adopting a holistic approach to water conservation. Waterwise gardens are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible. These gardens minimise water wastage while maintaining the beauty and health of your green space. 

Once your water-wise garden is set in motion, you’ll need the appropriate irrigation system to keep your plants growing and thriving.

The lowdown on irrigation systems

There are a number of different types of irrigation systems, each suited to different garden situations:

  • Drip irrigation, a champion in water efficiency, delivers water directly to the plant roots, minimising wastage and reducing weed growth. An irrigation drip pipe is perfect for waterwise gardens, ensuring each drop counts.

  • Sprinkler systems, resembling miniature rain showers, are versatile and efficient. They cover large areas with ease, making them ideal for lawns and expansive landscapes. Adjustable nozzles provide a customisable watering experience.

  • Soaker hoses release water along their length, allowing for slow and steady soil saturation. Ideal for flower beds and vegetable gardens, these hoses reduce surface run-off and encourage deep root growth.

  • Smart irrigation systems are a game-changer, and are now also widely available. These systems use sensors and weather data to tailor watering schedules, ensuring optimal moisture levels. They’re eco-friendly, reducing water wastage while maintaining a thriving garden.

Whether you opt for the precision of drip irrigation or the widespread coverage of sprinklers, the goal remains the same – a flourishing garden with minimal water waste.

Irrigation supplies: tools for effective watering

Now, let’s focus on the practical side of irrigation – the supplies you’ll need to keep your garden flourishing. Hoses, sprinklers, and drip systems are the basic workhorses of efficient watering.

Hoses serve as the main conduits, transporting water to your plants with ease. It’s key to choose the right size and type based on your garden’s layout and needs. 

Sprinkler systems offer even water distribution and can be quite easily installed and customised. For precision watering, consider a drip system. Once you’ve got the basic kit, you can deliver water directly to the root zones of your plants.

Enjoy the time you spend in your garden

Beyond taking on the challenge of getting irrigation right, spending time in your garden provides a range of benefits. Gardening isn’t just a duty or a chore; it’s a therapeutic and health-conscious activity. Tending to your garden is a form of mindfulness, allowing you to connect with nature and find respite from the demands of daily life.

Engaging in regular gardening activities is also a subtle form of exercise, which contributes to your overall wellbeing. So try to view the less exciting technical aspects of gardening as part of a journey towards your own health and happiness.

Reduce water wastage chat to an in-store consultant

Mastering the art of irrigation is an essential step in cultivating a vibrant and sustainable garden. Get all the irrigation supplies you need at a Stodels Garden Centre near you. Our in-store consultants are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to help you find the correct supplies and tools for setting up an effective irrigation system.