Decorating with Indoor Plants

8th October 2008

Decorating with Indoor Plants

To ensure the health of your indoor plants they require the following :

  • Light

  • Air circulation

  • Feeding

  • Watering

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

1. Light

In general direct sunlight should be avoided for indoor plants. There are different light level found indoors namely bright, medium and low. Consult our experts in the pot plant section as to which plants are best suited to the various light levels.

2. Air Circulation

All indoor plants require good circulation of air without a direct draught.

3. Feeding

As indoor plants are limited to a fixed soil volume they require regular feeding during the growing season, a variety of feeds are available for indoor plants. Ask our consultants which is the most suitable for your plants.

4. Watering

The majority of indoor plants die from over-watering. It is better to give the plant a good soaking and then allow it to dry out rather than a little bit of water on a regular basis. To test if the soil is dry dig down into the soil to the depth of your second knuckle, if it is dry at this depth then water it.

5. Humidity

Plants like an even humidity, consult our experts as to which plants can tolerate air conditioning.

6. Temperature

Plants prefer a constant temperature, protect from dramatic temperature changes