Garden tips for Valentine’s Day


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As Valentine’s Day draws closer, love is in the air – also for South Africa’s gardeners. Why not transcend the clichés of candlelit restaurant dinners and venture into your beautiful, blooming garden instead? 

We share date ideas, garden decor tips, and the secrets to planting the perfect roses to create a romantic haven in your backyard.

Date ideas for lovebirds:

  • Create a magical atmosphere by stringing fairy lights around your garden or patio. Twinkling fairy lights not only add a touch of enchantment but also provide inviting ambience. Set up a cosy nook with comfortable cushions and blankets – perfect for snuggling under the stars.
  • Turn up the heat with a fire pit. After all, what could be more romantic than a starlit sky, crackling flames, and the company of your loved one? It’s the perfect setting for heart-to-heart conversations and sharing marshmallows.
  • Introduce a touch of serenity with a small water feature. The sound of trickling water creates a soothing backdrop for your romantic evenings. Plus, it adds a dash of elegance to your garden decor.

Garden decor ideas to level up the romance element

  • Throughout literature, patio roses are the stars of the romantic garden. These compact and charming roses are also perfect for small spaces and can add a burst of colour and fragrance to your patio or balcony. Try planting them in decorative containers or hanging baskets.

    Tips for planting patio roses:
    • Enjoy choosing the colour and variety of your (or your partner’s) preference.
    • Roses thrive in well-draining soil, so choose containers with drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. 
    • Like us, roses appreciate their personal space. They shouldn’t be crowded together.  
    • Choose a sunny location for your patio roses. They thrive in full sunlight.
    • Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water at the base to avoid wetting the foliage.
    • Fertilise regularly during the growing season to ensure robust and vibrant blooms.
  • Sprinkle your love story throughout the garden with personalised signs. For example, mark the spot where you first met with a posy or hide a love letter among your potted roses.
  • Green thumb itching? Get creative with your planters. Choose containers in heart shapes or paint them with romantic quotes. Fill your pots and baskets with vibrant flowers or herbs for a fragrant and visually stunning display. Give your partner a plant in a beautiful pot to remember to keep as a memento. 
  • Make your patio a cosy retreat for two. Invest in comfortable furniture with plush cushions and soft outdoor textiles. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate meal or a relaxing evening of stargazing. 
  • Incorporate fragrant plants like lavender and jasmine to infuse the air with romance. The power of scent can truly enhance your outdoor experience. You can also include scented candles or essential oils to make your garden smell even more delectable. The right fragrances will elevate your mood and make the celebration even more special.

Healthy love, healthy living

Remember, spending time in the garden isn’t just about creating a romantic atmosphere – it’s also about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Gardening has been proven to reduce stress, improve your mood, and increase physical activity. 

So, while you’re tending to your love nest outdoors, you’re also nurturing your well-being. As your plants grow, so will you (and your relationship).

Rooting for you

In love and in the garden, the key is to nurture and cherish the moments. With these date ideas and garden decor tips, you can transform your outdoor space into a place of romance. So, grab your trowel and let the love bloom in your garden!
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