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Garden inspiration: Hein’s explosion of colour

When Hein Scholtz moved into his Boston, Belville home three years ago, there wasn’t much in the way of a garden.... Read More

Good garden companions | Blog | Stodels Garden Centre

Good Garden Companions

Some people just bring out the best in others – they’re great companions to have around. It’s a fairly similar... Read More

Your guide to growing flower bulbs | Blog | Stodels Garden Centre

Your guide to growing flower bulbs

March and April shouldn’t just signify the time of year to get your annual flu shot and update your winter... Read More

Add marigolds and gazanias to your summer garden | Stodels Garden Centre

Two hero plants to add to your garden

Gazanias and marigolds are both champions of the summer garden – they’re tough plants that offer months of... Read More

Plant a scented garden for summer | Stodels Garden Centre

Plant a scented garden for summer

One of the best aspects of gardening is that it stimulates all our senses, and one of the most powerful ways in which... Read More

Indigenous garden colour ideas | Stodels Garden Centre

Indigenous garden colour ideas

The abundance of spring can be seen on the slopes, in fields and in our gardens in South Africa. The countryside is... Read More

How to make cut flowers last longer | Stodels Garden Centre

How to make cut flowers last longer

There’s nothing like a lush bouquet of flowers picked fresh from your summer garden. There are many ‘tricks’ for... Read More