Gauteng guides

Hands holding a freshly picked bouquet of assorted green foliage.


February in Gauteng is a hot month! Read our guide to what you need to know to make sure your late-summer garden flourishes.

Spotlight on: Succulents

Succulents are the perfect plants for both novice gardeners and gardening aficionados. They require very little water, which makes them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces, especially during times of restricted water usage.
While there are many different types of succulent plants, some species are easier to care for and more versatile than others. Our favourite easy-maintenance varieties include the echeveria, jade plant (Crassula ovata), pig’s ears (Cotyledon orbiculata), aloe and sedum (or stonecrop).


Plant & Sow


  • Feed your herbs and vegetables with Atlantic Fertilisers Bio Ganic All Purpose to maintain strong, healthy crops.
  • Continue feeding roses monthly until April.
  • Use a chemical fertiliser such as Wonder Lawn & Leaf 7:1:3 or the organic Atlantic Fertilisers Bio Ganic Lawns if watering your lawn three or more times a week.
  • Wonder All Purpose 3:2:1, a chemical fertiliser, and Atlantic Fertilisers Bio Ganic Lawns can be used if you water your lawn less than three times a week. Pro tip: Mow your lawn regularly (at least fortnightly), cutting at medium-to-high height to help the lawn cope with soaring late-summer temperatures.
  • Treat yellowing leaves on azaleas and camellias with iron chelate and feed each bush with a tablespoon of magnesium sulphate. Keep well mulched.

You may spot some unwelcome pests this month. Here’s how to deal with them:

  • Mole crickets: Apply Makhro Lawn Protector or Wonder 4:1:1 Fertiliser + Insecticide
  • Ants: Use Protek Nip-It Ant Control Granules
  • Termites: Protect your lawn with Protek Termite Stop for termites’ nests
  • Snails: Use organic snail bait such as Biogrow Ferramol
  • Red spider: Treat with Kirchhoff’s Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide
  • Spray roses with Efekto Rosecare to protect it from diseases and pests


Give a growing gift
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