Gauteng guides

Two potted herb plants with name labels in a lush green garden.


Bask in the glory of your garden in high summer with our Gauteng gardening guide for January. This month we have some seasonal gardening tips and water-saving suggestions to help your garden flourish.

Spotlight on: Watering responsibly

Since Gauteng is typically dry during the high summer season, it’s crucial that you adopt some water-saving techniques. These are our water-wise tips:


Plant & Sow


  • Feed roses with Atlantic Fertilisers Flower & Fruit to encourage new summer growth.
  • Add compost to roses to improve the condition of the soil and retain water and food.
  • Water full-sun pot plants daily and feed weekly with Multifeed Classic.
  • Shaded and semi-shaded pot plants should be watered every 2–3 days, and fed weekly with Multifeed Classic. (Note: Water requirements may differ depending on the temperature of the area.)

Prune & Trim

  • Lightly trim fuchsias, roses and hibiscus plants to ensure renewed growth for the next half of summer.
  • Once salvias have finished flowering, cut them back to encourage new growth in autumn.
  • Add compost to roses after a light pruning to encourage new flowers. Snap off any suckers (light green, thornless shoots) growing from the base of the bushes.
  • If your lawn is old, feels sponge-like and is difficult to mow without ‘scalping’, cut it as low as possible by crosscutting and lowering the blade after each cut. This will get rid of the layer of dead thatch hiding between the soil surface and the green top.


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