A gift guide for every gardener


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A close-up of a person's hands holding a terracotta pot containing a small green houseplant.

Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned green thumb or someone just dipping their toes into the world of plants, there’s a fantastic plant-based gift at your nearest Stodels Garden Centre.

For the beginner gardener

Gifts for a beginner gardener should be practical, educational, and inspiring. 

A few ideas:

  • Beginner-friendly plants: There’s no better gift than a selection of vibrant, easy-to-care-for plants. How about introducing the gardener to a few houseplants, succulents, or herbs? Great beginner plants are the peace lily and philodendron
  • Pots: Every newbie gardener needs sturdy indoor plant pot covers to house their new plants. Look for one that complements their decor and allows the plant to spread its roots. 
  • Basic gardening tools: A set of essential gardening tools, including a hand trowel, secateurs, a weeder, and a garden fork, will equip the new gardener with the basics they need to get started. 
  • Gardening gloves: A good pair of gardening gloves will protect their hands from dirt, thorns, and blisters, making the gardening experience more comfortable.
  • Seeds or seedlings: Consider gifting a selection of easy-to-grow plants or seeds, such as herbs or vegetables. It’s a hands-on way for beginners to learn about planting and growing their own produce.
  • Watering can: A small, manageable watering can is essential for keeping plants hydrated.

For the garden guru 

For an experienced and knowledgeable gardener, the key is to select gifts that cater to their expertise and enhance their gardening experience.

Some ideas:

  • Speciality gardening tools: Consider gifting high-quality, speciality gardening tools they might not already have. These tools can make their gardening tasks even more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Unique plant varieties: Look for unique or rare plant varieties that would be a welcome addition to their collection. Consider plants like heirloom tomatoes, exotic orchids, bonsais, or unusual succulents.
  • Artisanal garden decor: Handcrafted pottery, bird baths, or garden sculptures can add a touch of personality to their outdoor space.
  • Advanced pruning shears: These high-quality, professional-grade shears are designed for precise, clean cuts, allowing gardeners to upgrade their pruning game.
  • Beekeeping or birdhouse accessories: Bird feeders, bird seeds, and other accessories can help the gardener in your life attract pollinators and birds to their outdoor space. Look for bee-friendly plants in-store.

For the landscaper 

Landscape gardeners love to create stunning outdoor spaces, so gifts that enhance their landscaping projects and bring aesthetic appeal to their gardens are ideal. 

These are our top picks: 

  • High-quality landscaping tools: Landscape gardeners rely on various tools, including shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and pruners. Aim for top-quality tools that can withstand the demands of their work and make landscaping tasks easier.
  • Indigenous plants and trees: Today’s landscape gardeners often aim to create sustainable, environmentally friendly gardens. Most of them will also love indigenous plants or trees well-suited to the local climate and ecosystem for their own gardens.
  • Outdoor lighting: Landscape lighting can transform a garden after dark. Choose a solar-powered lighting system to help them cope with load shedding!
  • Ornamental pots and planters: Stylish planters and decorative pots can turn a simple outdoor space into a sanctuary. Go for unique, eye-catching containers for their plants and flowers.
  • Garden statues and sculptures: Small statues, sculptures, and garden art can add a touch of artistic flair to their gardens (don’t go too big though, as they may have very set ideas about what to add to their spaces).
  • Irrigation systems: An efficient irrigation system can make a busy landscaper’s life much easier. Consider a drip irrigation kit or a programmable sprinkler system to help them maintain their gardens.
  • Garden bench or seating: A comfortable garden bench or seating area can be a welcoming addition to the landscape gardener’s space, providing a place for relaxation and contemplation.
  • Eco-friendly landscaping products: If the gardener is committed to sustainable landscaping, consider eco-friendly products such as biodegradable mulch, organic fertilisers, or sustainable hardscaping materials.

For the budding gardener 

Gifts for young gardeners should be fun, educational, and age-appropriate. Encouraging their interest in gardening at a young age is a beautiful way to teach them about the natural world. 

These gifts are all perfect for budding gardeners:

  • Child-sized gardening tools: Look for smaller, lightweight tools that are easy for children to handle. These will make gardening accessible and fun. This four-piece set is perfect for little ones.
  • Gardening gloves for kids: To protect their hands while they explore the garden, provide them with colourful, child-sized gardening gloves.
  • Child-friendly seed kits: Choose kits tailored to kids or create your own with sunflower or cherry tomato seeds. These fast-growing plants are fun to watch as they grow.
  • Child-friendly watering can: A brightly coloured, small watering can makes it easy for kids to help parents water the garden. It also makes them feel like they’re a part of the journey.

Still not sure what to get the gardener in your life? Then, opt for a Stodels gift card. This way, they can choose their own plants, tools, and gardening supplies.

Happy shopping!