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Flower Seeds: Grow a Symphony of Colours in Your Garden

A variety of seed options, you can sow them all, and watch them grow!


Some seeds may be subject to availability depending on season and supplier stock availability.

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African Daisy Glistening White, African Daisy High Noon Hybrids Mixed, Alyssum Carpet of Snow White, Alyssum Pastel Shades Mixed, Alyssum Royal Carpet (Purple), Antirrhinum F2 Fancy Show Mixed, Antirrhinum Tom Thumb Mixed, Aquilegia Mixed, Arctotis New Mixed, Aster Super Giants, Aster Princess Type Mixed, Aster Single Rainbow Mixed, Balsam Tom Thumb Mixed, Bellis Double Mixed, Cactus Mixed, Calendula Pacific Beauty Mix, Carnation Super Giant Chabaud Mix, Celosia Pampas Plume Mixed, Chrysanthemum Dwarf Multicaule, Chrysanthemum Dwarf Paludosum, Chrysanthemum Single Merry Mixed, Coleus Rainbow Hybrid Mixed, Colour Patch Summer Dwarf, Colour Patch Summer Shade, Colour Patch Summer Tall, Colour Patch Winter Dwarf, Colour Patch Winter Tall, Cornflower Polka Dot Mixed, Cosmos Sensations Mixed, Cosmos Veldfire Orange Yellow, Dahlia Unwins Ideal Bedding Mix, Delphinium Giant Pacific Mixed, Dianthus Baby Doll Mixed, Diascia Pink Queen, Felicia Kingfisher Daisy, Forget-Me-Not Myosotis Blue, Foxglove Excelsior Mixed, Gazania Caledon Giants Mixed, Godetia Azalea Flowered Mixed, Gourds Ornamental Mixed, Gypsophila Baby's Breath, Helichrysum Happy Hours Mixed, Hollyhock Spring Carnival Mixed, Impatiens Super Dwarf Mixed, Lavatera Silver Cup, Larkspur Regal Strain Mixed, Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mixed, Lobelia Crystal Palace, Lobelia String of Pearls Mixed, Marigold Sunset Crackerjack Giants Mixed, Marigold Bonita Mixed, Marigold Dwarf Lemon Drop, Mesembryanthemum Mix, Namaqualand Flower Mix, Nasturtium Dwarf Double Gem Mixed, Nasturtium Alaska Mixed, Nasturtium Golden Jewel, Nasturtium Scarlet Jewel, Nasturtium Climbing Tall Mixed, Nasturtium Lady Bird Mix, Nemesia Carnival Choice Mixed, Nigella Persian Jewels Mix, Pansies Clear Crystals Mixed, Pansies Engelmann's Giant Mixed, Pansies Mammoth Perfection Mixed, Petunia Bright & Early Mixed, Petunia Crown Jewels Mixed, Phlox Dwarf Beauty Mixed, Poppies California Kindergarden Mix, Poppies Iceland Super Giants Mixed, Poppies Paeony Flowered Mix, Poppies Flanders Red, Poppies Shirley Mixed, Portulaca Daydream Double Mix, Primula Malacoides Lavender, Primula Malacoides White, Primula Malacoides Mixed, Protea Cynaroides, Protea Eximia, Protea Grandiceps, Protea Nerifolia, Protea Repens, Protea Mundii White, Protea Seed Primer, Salvia Blaze of Fire, Statice Art Shades Mixed, Stocks Austral Tall Mixed, Stocks Linger Longer Dwarf Mixed, Stocks Virginian Mixed, Sunflower Tall Yellow, Sunflower Cutflower Mixed, Sunflower Sunspot Dwarf Mixed, Sweet Pea Climbing Tall Mixed, Sweet Pea Bijou Dwarf Mixed, Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan, Verbena Bush Type Mixed, Viola Cornuta Choice Giant Mixed, Zinnia Lucky Day Mixed, Zinnia Thumbelina Mixed