Water wise indoor plants


Indoor plant tips

Variegated snake plant leaves against a plain white background.

Every plant requires a certain amount of care, but some can put up with (or even prefer) minimal tending. These waterwise indoor options look lovely, and will fare well even if watering is always the forgotten to-do item on your list.


These waxy, geometric beauties are certainly trendy, but not only because of their interesting shapes and hues, ranging from mint green to deep violet. Their thick leaves store water, so they typically only require weekly watering (wait until the soil is dry before dousing them again). Succulents come in lots of varieties (like slender cacti, spiky sedum, smooth Echeveri, or flowering Kalanchoe), but typically enjoy sunlight and dry air.

Air plants

Much like their name suggests, these spidery plants don’t even need soil to thrive; you can literally hang them in midair, place them in a decorative vase, or prop them up on a shelf. And watering them is simple: Just dunk them in water for about 2 or 3 hours every 10 days or so.

Snake plant

Also called mother-in-law’s tongue (perhaps because its leaves come to a sharp point), this easy-care plant is a popular choice for many homes. It has rhizomes that store water, so you can keep soil more on the dry side with this plant. In low to medium light, allow potting media to dry down completely in between watering. In higher lighting, allow to dry down at least 3/4 of the pot depth.

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