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Mariana’s waterwise garden | Blog | Stodels Garden Centre

Mariana’s waterwise garden

Stodels customer Mariana van Rooyen is an inspirational gardener who prioritises a sustainable approach above all... Read More

Your guide to growing flower bulbs | Blog | Stodels Garden Centre

Your guide to growing flower bulbs

March and April shouldn’t just signify the time of year to get your annual flu shot and update your winter... Read More

On-trend tips for autumn gardening | Stodels Garden Centre

Autumn gardening Q&A with Terry Moller-Welsh

If you would like to breathe new life into your garden as winter approaches, read on. We talked to landscape garden... Read More

Take control of garden pests | Stodels Garden Centre

Pest Patrol

With a beautiful garden comes the inevitable onslaught of garden invaders. While garden pests may be tiny, they can... Read More

A smart idea for a vertical garden | Stodels Garden Centre

Garden inspiration: Byron’s vertical garden

To add a bit more greenery to his space, Stodels customer Byron has come up with a smart plan for a vertical garden in... Read More

How to make cut flowers last longer | Stodels Garden Centre

How to make cut flowers last longer

There’s nothing like a lush bouquet of flowers picked fresh from your summer garden. There are many ‘tricks’ for... Read More