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Vegetable Seeds: Fresh, Nutritious, and Delicious

A variety of seed options, you can sow them all, and watch them grow!


Some seeds may be subject to availability depending on season and supplier stock availability.

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Artichoke Green Globe, Beans Contender (Bush), Beans Malelane (Bush), Beans Purple Queen (Bush), Beans Yellow Berrgold (Bush), Beans Lazy Housewife (Runner), Beans White Emergo (Climbing), Beans Wintergreen (Bush), Broad Beans Aquadulce, Beetroot Crimson Globe, Beetroot Detroit Dark Red, Beetroot Beet Bulls Blood, Broccoli Sprouting Calabrese, Brussel Sprouts Matchless, Cabbage Baby Green, Cabbage Cape Spitz Sugar Loaf, Cabbage Chinese, Cabbage Copenhagen Market, Cabbage Baby Red, Cabbage Drumhead, Cabbage Glory of Enkhuizen, Capsicum Habenero, Capsicum Californian Wonder (Green Pepper), Capsicum Rajah, Capsicum Jalepeno, Capsicum Chilli Serrano, Capsicum Long Red Cayenne, Capsicum Tobasco, Capsicum Hot Baby Pepper, Carrot Chantenay Karoo, Carrot Cape Market, Carrot Little Finger, Carrot Nantes, Cauliflower Snowball, Cucumber Ashley, Cucumber Garden Sweet Burpless, Eggplant Black Beauty, Egg Plant Long Purple, Gooseberry Cape, Kale Chou Moullier, Kale Vates Blue, Leek Giant Italian/Carentan, Lettuce Saladin, Lettuce Lollo Rossa, Lettuce Great Lakes, Lettuce Butterhead, Lettuce Salad Mixed, Lettuce Blonde de Paris, Lettuce Gem, Lettuce Paris Cos, Marog Imbuya, Mealie Kalahari Early Pearl, Mealie Border King, Melon Hale's Best (Spanspek), Onion Australian Brown (Cape), Onion Hojem, Onion Red Creole, Onion Texas Grano, Onion Spring White Lisbon, Parsley Champion Moss Curled, Parsnip White Gem, Peas Greenfeast (Bush), Peas Oregon Sugar Pod, Peas Sugar Snap, Pumpkin Flat White Boer, Pumpkin Queensland Blue, Radish Cherry Belle, Radish Sparkler, Rape Giant Essex, Rhubarb Victoria, Spinach Swiss Chard Mixed, Spinach Fordhook Giant (Beet), Spinach Baby, Spinach Lucullus (Beet), Spinach Viroflay Monstrous, Spinach New Zealand, Squash Caserta Bush (Baby Marrow), Squash Rolet (Little Gem Type), Squash Green Hubbard, Squash Butternut, Sweetcorn Golden Bantam, Sweetcorn Stowell's Evergreen (White), Tomato Cherry Pear Yellow, Tomato Floradade, Tomato Moneymaker, Tomato Heinz 1370, Tomato Oxheart, Tomato Window Box Red, Tomato Cherry Red Sweetie, Tomato Roma VF (Jam), Turnip Early Purple Top Globe, Watermelon Congo, Watermelon All Sweet, Watermelon Sugar Baby