Pamper your indoor plants


Indoor plant tips

Pamper your Indoor Plants

A rainy winter’s day is the perfect opportunity to give your indoor plants a little TLC.

When purchasing an indoor plant you would need the following :

  • Nitrosol
  • Ready to use insecticide
  • Leaf shine
  • Mist sprayer
  • Drip Tray

How to take care of your indoor plants :

  • Choose the correct plants for the light conditions available
  • Water such that the soil stays moist but is not over watered.  The excess water must be allowed to drain freely.
  • Ensure that there is a tray in place to catch this.
  • Feed with Nitrosol fortnightly to maintain luxurious growth.
  • To add to the freshness of the plant, make use of leaf shine to clean the foliage
  • Keep check on scale insect and mealy bug and spray with a ready to use insecticide at the first signs of infection.
  • Choose from the wide range of forms, colours, textures and growth habits to create an indoor wonderland.
  • Visit the Indoor Plant sections at your nearest Garden Centres for a host of cheerful indoor plants, including kalanchoes, primulas, orchids, African violets, anthuriums, cyclamens and more.

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