Spotlight on the rubber plant


Indoor plant tips

A woman holding a white decorative planter containing a variegated rubber plant, with her grey shirt visible.

Pot plants add a little bit of the sunny outside into your home or office, so it’s no wonder indoor gardening is the activity du jour. Any home or office environment is immediately lifted by the addition of lush greenery, and the rubber plant, with its glossy leaves and tall stature, is a popular variety to introduce to your interior. The fact that the rubber plant also makes an excellent air purifier, effectively removing any air pollutants in your surroundings, is just the cherry on top.



The rubber tree is from the Ficus genus (Ficus elastica). It has broad, green-brown and shiny leaves, and can grow up to 15 metres tall if allowed.



Keep indoors in bright, indirect light.



Give water when the soil feels dry. Make sure it drains well after watering.



Be sure to plant your rubber plant in well-draining potting soil.



Feed it diluted liquid fertiliser once a month from spring to autumn.


Expert tips:

  • Gently clean leaves with a damp cloth to remove buildup of dust.
  • Repot when the roots become pot-bound.
  • Prune your rubber plant to keep it within its bounds and at a desired height and width by cutting stems just above a leaf node.