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Indoor Plants – Gerberas …


Gerbera Daisy plants are one of the most popular and frequently delivered flowers across the world. They are available in a range of bright and bold colors, including red, orange, yellow, white, cream, purple and pink.

Here’s what you need to know about caring for Gerberas :

Watering – Don’t give them too much water, as the roots will start to rot. Try misting them with a water sprayer to keep them looking fresh, but don’t add too much water to the root area. At the end of the season they will wilt, but they will not die, as they are perennial. Gerberas are vulnerable to soil diseases and too much water results in root and crown root.

Temperature – The best growing conditions occur in mild temperature areas, where minimum night temperatures are consistently higher than 6 °C. Gerberas are not adversely affected by maximum temperatures and can tolerate harsh sunlight. The relative humidity should be an average of 65%.

Light – Gerberas prefers full sun and the best results are obtained in north-facing planting areas.

Soil – Gerberas require well-drained soil to flourish.

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