How to care for Venus Flytrap Plants indoors


Indoor plant tips

Small potted Venus flytraps in a blue ceramic dish.

Indoor Plants – Venus Flytrap

The typical Venus flytrap grows in what is known as a dimorphic growth pattern, which means that the plant has different growth habits, depending on the season.

In summer, the leaves have long fingers with a bright red trap at the end, when grown in full sunlight. This variant changes to a low growing rosette in the autumn and winter months.

Care information :

Sunlight – The Venus flytrap requires full sunlight (a minimum of 6 hours daily). Venus flytraps thrive in a sunny position, like most other temperate carnivorous plants. In nature they are sometimes shaded slightly by grasses and other taller growing plants, so a very slightly shaded or partial sun position can also be used.

Water – Use a 2-4cm deep water tray. Keep the water tray full in summer and fill it weekly in winter. Tap water is adequate, but rain or reverse osmosis filtered water is preferred. Never let the plant dry out.

Although Venus flytraps enjoy sitting in a tray of water most of the time, perpetual wet conditions can sometimes lead to rot. The best way to avoid this is to let your water tray dry out for a short period of time every week. Do remember, however, that these plants should never be allowed to dry out, as once the rhizome becomes dry the plant will perish.

Fertilizers – The Venus flytrap is a self-sufficient hunter. No fertilisers are required or recommended for this plant. Flytraps are very efficient fly catchers, even indoors, so no fertiliser will be necessary as your plant catches its own nutrients.

Dormancy – The plant becomes dormant in winter and may appear sickly. This is normal. Keep it in a frost-free area. As Venus flytraps belong to the temperate group of plants, they require a winter rest period. At this time, the plant will die down to the soil level and no above ground growth will be evident.

It is best to keep your plant slightly damp at this time as overly wet conditions can lead to rot. Make sure your plant is kept in a cool position so that proper dormancy can be experienced.

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