9 gift ideas to spoil a gardener (or yourself!)


DIY and how-to

Gardening tools, potted seedlings, trowels, and soil on a wooden surface.

For the keen gardener, there’s nothing better than the gift of time spent among plants! Whether you’re spoiling the gardener in your life or treating yourself (as you should!), everyone will “dig” these gift ideas.

For the novice gardener: a pair of secateurs, gardening gloves and a selection of seed packets are the perfect starter kit to get them going.

For the bird-loving gardener: a bird feeder and a packet of birdseed are just what they need to encourage birdlife to flock to their garden. If space (and budget) allows, throw in a birdbath too – it’s a lovely addition to any garden.

For the diligent weeder: a set of good-quality hand tools will go a long way in making a tough job a little easier.  

For the hands-on gardener: an elegant watering can will be a pleasing addition to their set of tools for pottering around the garden.

For the indoor gardener: pretty pot covers are always welcome to anyone who has a collection of indoor plants.  

For the organic gardener: a worm farm or bokashi bin is an essential tool in organic gardens.

For the wannabe gardener with no garden: indoor planters or countertop hydroponic herb gardens will add greenery to even the smallest (and darkest) of spaces.

For the aspiring child gardener: a pair of gumboots, a trowel, seed trays and fast-growing seeds such as nasturtiums, beans, marigolds or sunflowers make for the perfect gift package for their budding green fingers. Watch their love of gardening grow!

For the gardener who has everything: a Stodels Gift Card will allow them to pick and choose exactly what they need.

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