Snail Blazers


DIY and how-to

A close-up view of a brown and beige snail with crawling on grass.

Snail Blazers

Snails and slugs love feeding on new spring growth in your garden. But before you cover all your garden beds with snail bait.

Try these eco-friendly ways to keep snails and slugs at bay :

  • Plant strong-smelling herbs and plants around susceptible seedlings. Try mint, garlic, chives, geraniums, foxgloves and fennel.
  • Place barriers of rough substances, such as crushed eggshells, seashells, coffee grounds or pine needles around new spring plantings. Snails don’t like moving over rough surfaces.
  • Place eaten grapefruit halves (upside down) or inverted lettuce leaves in your garden. They attract snails, who congregate beneath the fruit or leaves. Simply check your ‘traps’ the next mornings and then dispose of any snails that you find.
  • Use old toilet rolls (cut each one into about three rings) to create collars to protect young seedlings. Place the collar around the plant, on the soil. Snails will avoid climbing over the collars to reach the plant.
  • If you must use snail pellets, try to opt for an organic variety like Ferramol.