Decorating with indoor plants


Indoor plant tips

Stylish vignette with various houseplants including asparagus fern, pothos, and lucky bamboo arranged on vintage white dresser with round mirror.

So you want to take your living space from drab to fab by decorating with indoor plants but don’t know where to start? Get ready to unleash your inner plant whisperer and create a leafy oasis that will have your friends green with envy. And before you go on a plant shopping spree, let’s go through some guidelines that will make your display a true work of art.

Embrace the power of grouping indoor plants

Mix and match different plant sizes, shapes, textures and colours to create a captivating and diverse plant collection. It’s like curating a botanical masterpiece that will keep your eyes delighted and your guests in awe.

Consider your space

Take a moment to assess the available space in your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Some plants thrive in bright, sunny spots, while others prefer a cosy corner with lower light levels
  • By matching plants to their ideal spots, you’ll ensure they flourish and complement your space harmoniously. 
  • Arrange your plants in the area where you spend the most time in your home. 
  • Tall, stand-alone plants can inhabit awkward gaps between furniture and unoccupied corners. 
  • Medium-height plants such as Vriesea “Splenriet” make a great statement on coffee tables and are striking as centrepieces on dining room tables. 
  • Smaller plants, such as succulents, tend to look good grouped on windowsills or on shelves. 
  • Create a green garden showstopper next to a bookshelf by arranging large, medium and small pot plants at differing heights, and include a cascading plant, like a string of pearls, at the edge of the shelf as part of your living room plant décor.

Find balance in arrangement

Create a well-balanced arrangement by varying the heights and forms of your plants. To do this effectively:

  • Place taller decorative potted plants at the back or in corners, while cascading or trailing plants can gracefully hang from shelves or plant stands. 
  • Plants with height and volume are usually eye-catching and can hold their own. You can, however, group them with other, smaller plants to create a standout feature. 
  • Don’t be scared to pair plants with contrasting foliage colours and textures – try arranging them together in the nursery to see which varieties work together. 
  • Having a plant or two with warmer shades among full, green leaves can emphasise rich colour.

Don’t forget about containers

The right containers can elevate your indoor jungle’s style. Here are some options to consider:

  • Choose pots that complement your overall décor – whether it’s sleek and modern or rustic and bohemian. 
  • Get creative with different materials, colours and patterns to add an extra touch of visual intrigue.
  • Plastic is more cost-effective and may save water, but ceramic is porous and heavy, allowing your plant to breathe. 
  • Your pot selection could become a highlight piece in an otherwise minimalist setting – for example, a jewel-toned pot can lift a basic colour palette. 
  • Don’t be scared to play around with different heights with pot stands that will lift your medium pots off the ground.

Maintenance matters

Consider the care requirements of each plant before adding it to your collection. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Some plants are low-maintenance, perfect for busy individuals, while others may require a bit more attention. 
  • Find a balance that suits your lifestyle and ensure you can provide the love and care your green companions need.
  • Try to group together plants that have similar needs in terms of space, water and light exposure. It’ll be easier to remember which plants need which treatment, and to care for them all together. For example, bromeliads and cacti.

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