Our favourite flowering indoor plants


Indoor plant tips

Two pale pink lily flowers and buds against a background of green foliage.

Flowering pot plants are a long-lasting substitute for cut flowers in the home. Many pot plants have blooms that last for 4–7 weeks – some even longer. In general, flowering pot plants need bright, cool conditions and moist soil. This is our list of favourite flowering indoor plants to grow in your home:

Choose an indoor variety of azalea, such as the Rhododendron simsii, to grow indoors for a burst of winter colour.

Care guidelines:

  • Enjoys bright light, but not direct sun.
  • Keep the plant cool and mist daily when flowering.
  • Keep soil damp at all times, occasionally dunking the pot in a bowl of water until the bubbles stop, then allowing water to drain.
  • Expert tip: After flowers have bloomed, move the plant to a spot with a little more light and feed with an all-purpose fertiliser every two weeks. Keep in a cool room and continue to water.

This summer-flowering plant is available in a large variety of colours and the flowers should last 6–8 weeks.

Care guidelines:

  • Bright light is crucial for these plants.
  • Place in a corner of the house that is cool.
  • The soil should be moist at all times.
  • Expert tip: Chrysanthemums can also be planted in your garden.

These some one of the most popular winter-flowering pot plants and, with the appropriate care, they can last several months.

Care guidelines:

  • Place in a north-facing window away from direct sun.
  • Cyclamens prefer cool temperatures and high humidity.
  • Keep the soil moist at all times. Only water by immersing the plant in a bowl of water so that the plant soaks in the water from the bottom up.
  • Expert tip: When the cyclamen has finished blooming, reduce watering and stop feeding.

This stunning flowering plant can be purchased in a wide range of colours and is in bloom year-around.

Care guidelines:

  • Place in an east- or west-facing window from spring to summer, and a south-facing window in the winter.
  • Allow the soil surface to dry out between watering, then water thoroughly.
  • Expert tip: After blooming, prune the flowers and place in a shady window. Keep dry for about a month, then place in a well-lit spot and water as usual.

The stunning lily bulb can be grown as both an outdoor plant and an indoor plant – in both settings the trumpet-shaped white and pink flowers look gorgeous and smell divine. Note that lilies are poisonous to cats and are susceptible to diseases and pests.

Care guidelines:

  • Place in bright but indirect light.
  • Keep well-draining soil moist at all times.
  • Expert tip: Liliums prefer cool temperatures during the growing season.