Pamper your indoor plants

16th May 2018

As the weather cools during winter, channel your gardening itch towards your indoor plants and show them a little love to create a lush, flourishing haven.
      Indoor plant shopping tips
    • Before you make any purchases, visit your closest Stodels and have a look at indoor plant displays. Keep layout and available choice in mind when planning your indoor plant selection. You should find a host of cheerful palms, orchids, cyclamens, anthuriums, monsteras, African violets and more.
    • Choose the correct plants for the light conditions in your home.
    • Don’t be scared to mix an array of forms, colours and textures – group together in the garden centre to judge whether they look good together.
      Care guide
      Use the following as a basic guide for pampering your indoor plants:
        • Low light, out of direct sun
        • Water so that the soil stays moist but not soggy.
        • Spray with a mister once daily in the morning.
        • Feed your plants with Nitrosol weekly to maintain luscious growth.
        • Check for scale and mealy bugs regularly and spray with a ready-to-use insecticide at the first signs of infection.
          Expert tips
        • Make sure your plant has a drip tray for excess water to drain freely.
        • Use leaf shine to spruce up foliage.