Small Garden? Here’s what works!

Small Garden? Here’s what works!

20th October 2017

Small garden? No problem.

Trying to create an outdoor haven in a small gardens, courtyard or apartment balcony can be a fiddly business, but with the right plants, you can turn even the smallest outdoor area into your very own garden paradise.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Brunfelsia species cultivates well in full sun, making it perfect for summer. It is semi hardy and grows well in containers. It produces masses of white, lilac and purple flowers and it has a wonderfully sweet smell.


Another great container plant for semi-shady areas. It flowers in spring, but has attractive evergreen foliage all year round.

Lamb’s ear

Stachys Lanata is an attractive grey-green groundcover that is ideal for lighting up dark corners. It grows well in sun and semi-shade and is incredibly hardy.

The indigenous African daisy

Arctotis grows best in full sun and will tolerate strong winds and very cold conditions. It is available in a range of bright colours.


Herbs need full sun but thrive in pots and are great to have close at hand, near the kitchen. Balconies and courtyards are perfect for this. Read all about growing herbs in pots here


Succulents have become immensely popular its they’re indigenous, produce attractive flowers in winter and they’re totally hassle-free. Succulents have evolved to survive in dry, hostile environments, so they do best in dry, sandy gardens, but they also grow very well in pots.

If you plant them in pots, combine 1 part river sand with 1 part potting soil and 1 part compost and then plant in a terracotta pot (not plastic, as this does not allow water to escape).

Using Pots To Create Colour And Diversity

Get creative in your small space by planting in pots – Stodels always has a wide variety of colours, sizes and textures, and it’s a fun way to add greenery to your living decor scheme. Plant using the list above and remember to always water wisely and use grey water wherever you can.