Win the war on weeds 


DIY and how-to

Hand holding picked wildflowers and weeds in the sunlight.

Weeds are the bane of any gardener’s life: while pulling them up is effective, it’s also very time-consuming. Make a few changes to the way you garden and you’ll be able to spend far less time weeding, and more time appreciating the beauty of the plants around you. 


  • For weeds growing in paving or at the roadside: Pour boiling water directly onto the weed in the middle of the day (the hotter the day, the better). They’ll soon wilt and die. If all else fails, consult our garden experts in-store for advice on a non-selective weed killer.  
  • For weeds growing in your garden beds: The only way to get rid of these organically is by removing them by hand. Use the techniques below to keep these pesky weeds away for good. 

For weeds growing in your lawn, speak to a garden consultant in-store for the best solution.  


Effectively getting rid of weeds starts with adopting a few good gardening habits to  prevent them in the first place: 

  • Mulch garden beds thickly to smother weeds and prevent light from reaching weed seeds. You can also try laying down mulch matting, which lets in water but restricts the growth of weeds. 
  • Hoe out weeds while they are still young and easy to remove. If you remove them before they form seeds, they can simply be left in garden beds to wilt in the sun. 
  • Avoid digging up your garden beds unnecessarily, as weed seeds brought to the surface are more likely to germinate due to exposure to light and water. 
  • Always use weed-free compost from a reputable source. At Stodels Garden Centres, we guarantee the quality of our weed-free compost. 

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