November: Plant feeding time


DIY and how-to

November is a very important feeding month in the garden. Did you know that 80% of plants’ total annual growth occurs between September and December every year?

Feeding your plants during this period is essential to maximise their growth and replenish their food stores. December tends to be too warm to feed many plants (and lawns), so November is your chance to really boost your garden so that you can look forward to a beautiful display over the holidays.

As a rule, most garden and container plants will benefit from good feeding with 3:1:5 fertiliser (chemical and organic variants are available).

In addition, specific plants can be fed as follows:

  • Feed lawns and citrus trees with LAN.
  • Feed summer-flowering bulbs twice a month with a liquid feed such as Nitrosol or Seagro.
  • Feed hydrangeas with acid compost or peat to encourage blue flowers.
  • Feed roses with 8:1:5 for spectacular blooms.
  • Feed all your non-leafy vegetables with 2:3:4. Leafy vegetables can be fed with 5:1:5.