Trees for Small Gardens

27th April 2015

Choosing a good tree for a smaller space can be a tricky task. Besides considering how tall and wide the tree will grow, it’s also important to keep the root system in mind. The last thing you need is a tree that lifts boundary walls or your paving. Here are a few suggestions for attractive trees that will work well in smaller gardens:
  • Cheesewood (Pittosporum viridiflorum) has pretty pale bark with distinctive white dots. It bears greenish white sweetly scented flowers in spring and summer. Birds love to feed on the orange-red seeds that appear after the flowers.
  • False olive (Buddleja saligna) produces tiny creamy white flowers with a honey-like scent in spring and summer. It grows quickly (up to 0.8m per year) and has a non-invasive root system.
  • Lavender tree (Heteropyxis natalensis) is indigenous to KwaZulu-Natal. It has glossy green leaves that release a lavender-like scent when crushed. It bears yellow to green flowers which attract bees and butterflies to the garden.
  • Calpurnia aurea bears grape-like bunches of bright yellow flowers. It flowers irregularly, but throughout the year, especially if it is planted in full sunlight.
  • Pompom tree (Dais cotinifolia) bears masses of pink flowers in pompom-like clusters in early summer. It grows quickly, reaching its full height in 4-5 years and producing flowers from the second year.
  • If you’re a fan of acacia trees, look out for smaller varieties, such as Acacia davyi (Cork thorn tree), Acacia nilotica (Scented-pod acacia) and Acacia hebeclada (Candle thorn).