Toilet training your new Puppy


DIY and how-to

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy sitting on a colourful rug.

Toilet training your new Puppy

When toilet-training your puppy, remember to take them outside to relieve themselves immediately after eating, sleeping or playing. Never punish a puppy for soiling in the wrong place. The puppy thinks he is being punished for what he did, not for where he did it.

Daro puppy training pads means quicker drying, less tracking and more absorbency. Puppy training pads make indoor house training for your pet incredibly easy to clean up. Gone are the days of puppy training with messy newspapers.

Daro pads feature a fragrance-free odour control mechanism to eliminate embarrassing odours in the home, while the leak-proof feature protects your floors. They are excellent for new puppies and also for using as a regular elimination area for pets that do not have regular access to the outdoors.

Puppy training pads can be laid out for the puppy to relieve themselves during the night. If you’re out for more than four hours a day, consider using training pads for your puppy as an alternative to having them brave the harsh weather conditions until you return.  If you have a large house you may want to place pads in specific areas consistently.

Always remember to reward your puppy with a treat for being good! To train your puppy, use praise and love.

  • Praise your puppy when they are good
  • Praise your  puppy when they do not bark unnecessarily
  • Praise your puppy when he/she goes to relieve herself in the designated area
  • Praise your puppy for eating their food
  • Praise your puppy for doing all the things you want him/her to do!

There is no such thing as too much praise and positive feedback.

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