Tips for Organic Gardening


DIY and how-to

A an orange lady bug with black spots sitting on a leaf.

Tips for Organic Gardening

Instead of opting for chemical formulations, you can use plants to meet your gardening needs. Here are a few tips for feeding your plants and warding off unwelcome insects.

Feeding – Soil needs three vital nutrients for healthy plant growth:

  • Nitrogen promotes stem and leaf development,
  • Phosphorous boosts root development, and
  • Potassium encourages the growth of fruit and flowers.

You can boost your soil with all three these nutrients by making your own compost containing the following:

  • Natural sources of nitrogen: feathers, comfrey, dandelions, nettles and yarrow
  • Natural sources of phosphorous: comfrey, horse manure, yarrow
  • Natural sources of potassium: wood ash (from untreated wood), comfrey, horse manure, nettles and yarrow.

Insect-repelling pot plants for your patio:

  • Basil repels flies and mosquitoes,
  • Mint repels ants,
  • Thyme repels flies and aphids,
  • Bay leaf is a general insect repellent,
  • Catnip repels ants and beetles, and
  • Chamomile repels most flying insects.

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