The TetraMin range of products


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The TetraMin range of products

TetraMin is arguably the most well-known ornamental fish feed in the world. The product was first developed and released onto the market by Dr Ulrich Baensch in 1955 and the characteristic yellow container with its brown lid now sits alongside aquaria in around 120 different countries.

But, what makes TetraMin so special? Dr Baensch made modern fishkeeping possible for the first time by developing TetraMin. After all, in the early 1950s, obtaining appropriate food for tropical ornamental fish was a real problem. Aquarists regularly had to venture out into the wild to catch live food for their fish, because there was no suitable product available in stores.

By developing TetraMin, Dr Baensch created the first ready-made flake food designed for tropical ornamental fish. In doing so, he also bridged a gap in the market and made the hobby of fishkeeping accessible to everyone for the first time ever.

Research is key

Intensive research and development work has always played a major role at Tetra. Back in 1953, Dr Baensch set up the BioMin laboratory for the scientific development of aquarium products. To this very day, the company continues to achieve its goal of making fishkeeping as safe and simple as possible.

Tetra also never stops developing innovative new products and currently has more than 300 active or pending patents, which is a strong testament to the industry leader’s capacity for innovation.

Examples are the water conditioner Tetra SafeStart with live, nitrifying bacteria and Tetra EasyBalance, designed to reduce the number of water changes, as well as the TetraMin Holiday, Tetra FreshDelica or crisp feeds.

The company also focuses on constantly enhancing products that are already successful. One example is TetraMin. Whereas the original recipe contained four different types of flakes, the classic fish feed now contains a total of seven different varieties.

These days, it is also available in a wide range of different sizes and forms. For instance, TetraMin Baby is particularly fine, while the large flakes in TetraMin XL Flakes are designed to suit the mouths of larger fish. TetraMin Granules, which sink slowly to the bottom of the tank, have been designed to feed fish that reside in the central areas of the aquarium.

With the holiday food known as TetraMin Holiday, the nutrients are encased in a gel so that the fish can be fed for up to 14 days without polluting the water.

Did you know?

TetraMin is produced using more than 40 high-quality raw materials and contains seven different types of flakes to provide an all-round diet for tropical ornamental fish. The balanced staple diet provides tropical ornamental fish with all the nutrients they need, such as vitamins, essential minerals (including calcium, magnesium and potassium) and trace elements (such as iron, copper, manganese).

It also contains fish oil, which is a good source of energy for the fish and provides the animals with valuable omega-3 fatty acids. What’s more, the recipe also includes the patented BioActive formula to ensure that the fish enjoy long, happy lives, as well as the Clean & Clear Water Formula, which guarantees clearer, cleaner water.

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