Taking Care of your Flower Bulbs


Flowering plants

Taking Care of your Flower Bulbs

Planting times for most popular varieties :


Anemones, Ranunculas, Freesias, Tritonias, Ixias, Sparaxis, Babianas


Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies


Dahlias,Gladioli, Liatris

  • To ensure good results it is important to use well decomposed compost, and a handful of bonemeal per m2 before planting.
  • Plant your bulbs in groups of 12-15 bulbs, together, covering roughly half a m2, rather than trying to stretch out the area by planting next to each other.
  • Plant in a group formation. All bulbs should be planted to a depth of about twice the bulb height.
  • Use plenty of compost and bulb food when planting.
  • Always plant with the point up, except in the case of Ranunculas – here you plant the claw-like bulb downwards. The distance apart is 3x the width of the bulbs.

Use a handful of 2:3:2 fertilizer per m2 about 2 weeks after planting to encourage growth.