Taking Care of the Big Stuff

16th October 2008

Taking Care of the Big Stuff

Bright idea – place a plastic sheet on the lawn and save yourself the extra work of cleaning up when planting shrubs or preparing beds.

  • Prepare the hole by digging out soil up to twice the size of the container.

  • Mix half of the removed soil with half a handful of bonemeal and half a hand full of superphosphate and enough compost to refill the hole.

  • Fill the hole with water.

  • Place the plant in the hole and fill the rest of the hole with the soil and compost mixture.

  • Make a trench around the plant to ensure that the remaining water does not run away.

  • Add a handful of 2:3:2 fertilizer around the base of the plant and water well.

  • In order to prevent water evaporation and seed germination, add a mulch to the top layer around the plant.