Garden project: Kids’ eggshell succulent garden

Garden project: Kids’ eggshell succulent garden

18th December 2017

Try this project after a hearty, eggy breakfast when you’re left with a pile of eggshells. It’s an affordable and fun idea to get your tots into gardening.

  You will need:
  • Empty egg shells
  • Cacti/succulent soil mix
  • Small cacti or succulents  (4–8cm)
  1. Rinse and dry egg shells. Pierce a small hole at the bottom of each to allow for drainage.
  2. Fill with soil mix and then carefully plant the succulents in the shells.
  3. Keep on a windowsill in egg boxes and plant in a bigger pot once succulents have grown.
  Succulents and cacti are perfect starter gardening plants for kids. Here’s why:  
  • They’re low maintenance and are happy in a spot that receives plenty of sun.
  • They’re water-wise and need to be watered sparingly.
  • They’re available in a variety of shapes, textures and colours, so kids can pick their favourites.