How to plant


DIY and how-to

Hands planting orange and yellow marigold flowers in soil in a garden.

Before you start digging, you need to ensure that the positioning of your plants will be correct. To assess this, keep the plants in their bags and place them on the soil. Remember to consider their height and width when fully grown! Use wooden stakes to mark the positions before digging in.

Once you’re satisfied with the positioning of your plants, follow these planting guidelines:

  • Dig a square hole slightly bigger than the plant and set aside the layer of top-soil.
  • Back-fill the hole with the subsoil and place the plant in the hole so that it is level to the ground and in the middle of the hole.
  • Remove the bag and place the tree, seedling or shrub in its position, returning the top-soil you set aside, mixed with two spades of compost or kraal manure.
  • Use four spades of compost when planting trees. Spread compost around the new plant and compact the soil to avoid the soil dropping
  • Water well and apply a slow-release fertiliser, or use an organic fertiliser. Repeat this procedure regularly.
  • Use a stake to stabilize the plant if necessary