Save water, inside and out!


DIY and how-to

A person's hand holding the head of a golden-coloured tap, from which water is running.

The current water restrictions require us all to do our bit to save water where we can. Here are some easy water-saving tips to follow in your garden and home:

In your garden:

  • Cover every bare section of soil in your garden beds with a thick dressing of mulch. It keeps the soil about 5 °C cooler and also conserves moisture.
  • Water your garden deeply (about 15 minutes per sprinkler setting) twice a week rather than watering for shorter periods more frequently. Deep watering encourages the development of deep, healthy roots.
  • Make sure that your hose pipe, as well as its fittings and nozzles are all in good shape, so that you don’t lose water through leakages.
  • If you’re constantly battling to keep your kikuyu lawn green, consider replacing it with Buffalo grass. It requires far less water and mowing to keep it looking good.

In your home:

  • Place a large empty bowl into your kitchen sink. Collect all the water that runs off when you wash fruit and vegetables. You can also add the water from pots in which you have boiled eggs or vegetables (just wait for the water to cool off first). Then use the water in the bowl to water all your indoor plants.
  • Add moisture retaining granules to the soil in all your indoor plants. You’ll be amazed how much longer they will last between watering sessions.
  • The best investment you can make before winter is a water storage tank. Place it outside under a downpipe which directs rainwater off the roof of your house. You’ll soon have free water to fill your pool and water your garden.


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