Keeping Pond Fish


DIY and how-to

Colourful koi carp swim in a dark pond, with splashes of orange, yellow, and white scales reflecting in the rippling water.

What you need to know about keeping Pond Fish

Since ancient times, Oriental cultures have believed that Koi fish and ponds bring good luck and balance to a home. These days, however, pond keepers know there is no better way to relax after a hard day than to spend time watching fish swimming around in a beautiful water feature.

Building a fish pond or water feature does not have to be a huge financial investment, but it must be done properly.  Although pond fish are very hardy creatures, remember that the water is their living environment, so a good filtration system and pump is essential and must run 24 hours a day. A good submersible pump and Tetra PF filter are more than adequate for a small to medium-sized pond.

Our tap water is purified for human consumption; unfortunately chemicals added during this process such as chlorine, chloramines and other heavy metals make it toxic for fish. When filling a pond or adding new water, always remember to add a water treatment that removes all of these. TetraPond Aquasafe not only removes all harmful chemicals, but also contains colloids that coat the fish, protecting them against infection.

As with all pets, a good diet is essential to the wellbeing of fish. Pond fish should be fed a quality protein food that is easily digested and produces as little waste as possible. TetraPond Variety sticks, available in three different pack sizes, are ideal for feeding different types and sizes of pond fish. The low waste formula means clearer, cleaner water and provides the fish with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements they need.

Keeping fish is all about the health of the pond. This is why Tetra offers a variety of top quality equipment, food and water treatments to ensure that the time spent alongside your pond is a happy and relaxing one.